LEVEL Power & Automation performs inspection, testing, and maintenance of switchboards and electrical systems on ships and industrial plants, as well as installation and service.

Our services

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Electrical Installations

We carry out all types of installations on vessels, including safety inspections, megger-tests, control of high- and low voltage power circuits, inspection and control of alarm systems, a thorough test of electrical generators, etc.

We offer new installations, as well as retrofitting of vessels and land-based facilities.

Jensen & Rhoden


LEVEL Power and Automation and Jensen & Rhoden EMC have agreed to transfer the J&R customer- and product portfolio to LEVEL Power & Automation, with effect from October 1st 2013.

Jensen & Rhoden is a well established brand, and has been in the market since the 1960’s. Over the years, J&R have provided the marine industry with several hundred products of their own design. LEVEL Power & Automation carries out service on J&R products.

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