Thermography, Inspection & Test

Our subsidiary Marine Elektro has service engineers with experience and knowledge to perform tests, inspection, and service for all types of marine switchboards.

IR thermography is a powerful tool to identify problems before they occur. It is especially helpful for troubleshooting potential electrical overloads, worn or bad circuit breakers and buses. Mechanical machinery onboard vessels will also benefit from Thermal imaging.

Electrical Installations

Marine & Industrial

We carry out all types of installations on vessels, including safety inspections, megger-tests, control of high- and low voltage power circuits, inspection and control of alarm systems, a thorough test of electrical generators, etc.

We offer new installations, as well as retrofitting of vessels and land-based facilities.

Jensen & Rhoden Bridge Remote Control

Jensen & Rhoden


LEVEL Power and Automation and Jensen & Rhoden EMC have agreed to transfer the J&R customer- and product portfolio to LEVEL Power & Automation, with effect from October 1st 2013.

Jensen & Rhoden is a well established brand, and has been in the market since the 1960’s. Over the years, J&R have provided the marine industry with several hundred products of their own design. LEVEL Power & Automation carries out service on J&R products.