Hybrid Battery Systems for Marine Applications

Reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and maintenance costs with a battery-hybrid propulsion system from LEVEL Power & Automation. We install hybrid systems on all types of ships and vessels.

Reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and maintenance costs with hybrid power from LEVEL Power & Automation

As demand for lower emissions from the maritime sector rises, and battery technology matures, hybrid battery power systems, for ships and vessels, has become an increasingly attractive option for power delivery.

There are many advantages to combining modern battery technology with traditional diesel generators. As well as lowering emissions and fuel consumption, hybrid battery systems reduce wear and tear on generators, lowering maintenance costs and downtime, provides smoother power, avoids transient loads on main engines, and eliminates power outages as generators start.

Hybrid battery systems can be hugely beneficial for a wide variety of ships and vessels. Tugs and offshore vessels benefit from the increased power delivery, Improved redundancy and safety, cold start, and start-stop. Reduced noise and vibrations, for yachts and cruise ships, as well as smokeless operation, and zero emissions in green mode, ensures access to environmentally-sensitive areas, and lower docking fees. Plug-in hybrid solutions for ferries reduce the cost of operation and emissions.

Marine hybrid systems from LEVEL Power & Automation are suitable for new vessels as well as retrofit installation.

An effective solution for all types of ships and vessels

Hybrid battery systems for marine applications

Supply ships and tugboats

Supply ships and tugboats have a number of advantages to be gained by installing a hybrid propulsion system. During crossings, the system will be able to even out load peaks “peak shaving” and ensure even load on the main motors. The hybrid system can also be used as a “spinning reserve” in that the battery can quickly deliver extra power as needed in demanding conditions. Supply ships have a lot to gain when using dynamic positioning, where the battery pack can replace the main engine as a reserve. Experience with hybrid systems has shown that supply boats reduce emissions and consumption by 30% during DP operations. In addition to reduced costs and emissions, reduced noise emissions will increase the comfort of the crew members on board.

Marine hybrid battery system

Plug-in hybrid for ferries and cruiseships

Rechargeable hybrid technology is a future-oriented technology for ferries and cruise ships. By charging the batteries with shore power when the vessel is at the quay, one saves both the environment for greenhouse gas emissions and reduces the cost of fuel. By using batteries for propulsion when going to and from land, the local emissions of exhaust gases, NOX, and noise pollution is reduced. When crossing, the battery is used to level out load peaks.

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