Marine Hybrid Systems


Hybrid Battery Systems for Marine Applications

Reduce fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs with hybrid power from LEVEL Power & Automation

As demand for lower emissions from the maritime sector rises, and battery technology matures, hybrid battery power systems, for ships and vessels, has become an increasingly attractive option for power delivery.

There are many advantages to combining modern battery technology with traditional diesel generators. As well as lowering emissions and fuel consumption, hybrid battery systems reduce wear and tear on generators, lowering maintenance costs and downtime, provides smoother power, avoids transient loads on main engines, and eliminates power outages as generators start.

Hybrid battery systems can be hugely beneficial for a wide variety of ships and vessels. Tugs and offshore vessels benefit from increased power delivery, Improved redundancy and safety, cold start, and start – stop. Reduced noise and vibrations, for yachts and cruise ships, as well as smokeless operation, and zero emissions in green mode, ensures access to environmentally-sensitive areas, and lower docking fees. Plug-in hybrid solutions for ferries reduces cost of operation and emissions.

Marine hybrid systems from LEVEL Power & Automation are suitable for new vessels as well as retrofit installation.

Hybrid battery systems for marine applications
Marine hybrid battery system