Battery-hybrid solutions for aquaculture

Reduce operating and maintenance costs while reducing emissions by installing a battery hybrid system from LEVEL Power & Automation on your fleet.

Our solution

We supply battery-hybrid UPS systems for economical, environmentally friendly, and uninterruptible power supply for aquaculture and fish farming. Our hybrid power solution secures the fish farm from power outages while reducing diesel consumption and emissions.

The benefits of using hybrid solutions for fish farming are many. Reduced costs for diesel and, service and maintenance, and reduced emissions, both in the form of greenhouse gases and noise. An investment in a hybrid system for the fleet will quickly pay off. Our hybrid solutions consist of a diesel generator and batteries for power storage. The hybrid system means that the fish farm can be operated without the generators running. Excess energy produced by the diesel generator is stored in battery banks that take over for the generator when the batteries are fully charged, and supply power to the system until the charging level reaches a set level, where the generator starts up again and charges the batteries. The operation is fully automated and does not require inspection. The system can also be combined with solar panel and wind turbine, for further reduction of generator operation and emissions

Advantages of hybrid power

The use of battery-hybrid solutions in aquaculture and fish farming has several advantages over traditional solutions with a diesel generator.
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced diesel consumption
  • Reduced generator operation
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced climate emissions
  • Reduced noise emissions
  • Increased operational reliability
  • Increased generator life

Innovative solutions for aquaculture

Full control of the fish farm

Our hybrid power supply systems allow you to monitor the status of the plant continuously via PC or mobile phone. It gives it a complete overview of energy production from the generators, the charge status of the batteries and the power consumption of the fleet. One can see how the generators have worked, and the use of batteries over time. One can also easily keep track of the fleet’s total energy and diesel consumption.

Tailored for each customer

We take pride in delivering tailor-made solutions and do our utmost to configure our products to our customers’ needs. We at LEVEL Power & Automation believe that efficient service work, easy maintenance, and a high level of uptime must be given top priority when we develop products and systems. To ensure our customers have a reliable and dependable system, we have chosen to work with Anda-Olsen. Together, we assist our customers from the design phase to fully installed facilities and ensure that our customers get an optimal solution, with the capacity their fish farms need.

Some of our satisfied customers

We always do our utmost to meet our customers’ needs, and deliver according to their individual specifications. We therefore have a client list that consists of some of the world’s leading shipping companies and offshore companies.

Ask us about hybrid systems

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