Marine automation

Safety and control systems

We at LEVEL Power & Automation are specialists in automation systems with a focus on ease of use and low maintenance. We supply safety and control systems adapted for use in the offshore, industrial and maritime industries.

Our products


Alarm and control system SAS

SAFE LEVEL-X is designed to meet the requirements found in DNVs Offshore Standard A101, section 5, which implies that it is a single failure tolerant above I/O level. Access for temporary disabling of inputs and outputs to allow for testing without interrupting other systems, as well as status monitoring, is available from a touch screen panel fitted in the cabinet front.


Alarm and control systems SIS

The entry-level SAFE LEVEL-S share a common hardware platform with PRO LEVEL-S, but where PRO LEVEL-S is designed for versatile use, the software running on SAFE LEVEL-S is designed to meet special requirements to independent safety systems.


Our solutions are designed with flexibility and ease of installation in mind and can be adapted to most applications.
  • Offshore drilling rigs
  • FPSOs
  • Gas tankers
  • Gas operated vessels
  • Auxiliary engine safety system
  • Machine safety system
  • Boiler safety systems
  • Ventilation stop systems

Innovative solutions for marine industry

Safe solutions for offshore and ships

A good safety and control system is necessary to reduce the risk to people, the environment and material values in the event of dangerous incidents. We develop and deliver ICSS systems adapted to any use. Our safety and control systems are fully autonomous, and can be incorporated into the ship’s other automation system (SAS), or installed as an isolated circuit (SIS), depending on the level of safety required. The systems provide acoustic warning, and a visual overview of alarms and alarm logs that make it easy to implement necessary measures. In the event of critical alarms, the system will shut down processes and automatically initiate damage mitigation measures, such as firefighting.

Tailored for each customer

We take pride in delivering tailor-made solutions and do our utmost to configure our products to our customers’ needs. We at LEVEL Power & Automation believe that efficient service work, ease of maintenance, and high uptime must be given top priority when we develop our systems. To assure our customers of the high reliability, we have chosen Siemens and Saia-Burgess Controls AG from Switzerland as our main supplier of programmable logic control, but on request, we can also use PLCs from other suppliers.

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