Marine automation

Control and monitoring systems

We at LEVEL Power & Automation are specialists in automation systems with a focus on ease of use and low maintenance. Our automation solutions are adapted for use in the offshore, industrial and maritime industries.

Our products


Integrated automation system

PRO LEVEL-X consists of two or more PLCs in an open ring network configuration. Where the required number of I/O channels are in excess of 500, we recommend the use of PRO LEVEL-X control/monitoring system. Closed network ring or redundant dual closed rings can be provided when a higher level of robustness against failures is required.


Integrated automation system

The entry-level PRO LEVEL-S Control & Monitoring System is designed for versatile use and can be configured for almost any imaginable monitoring and/or control task for processes requiring up to approximately 500 I/Os.


Bridge remote control

The Bridge Remote Control is a compact microprocessor controlled electro-pneumatic system which is easy to adapt, easy to install, easy to adjust and easy to understand. The Bridge Remote Control can be fitted to any type of slow turning and medium speed engines, with a fixed propeller or non-reversible engines connected to a reversible gearbox.


Our solutions are designed with flexibility and ease of installation in mind and can be adapted to most areas of use.
  • Machine control
  • Auxiliary engine control
  • Engine alarm systems
  • Propulsion control
  • HVAC control
  • Winch control
  • Level measurement of tanks
  • Ballast control
  • Valve control
  • Pump control

Innovative solutions for maritime industry

Complete solutions in marine automation

We provide complete solutions for mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems. Our products include power and energy management, engine control and monitoring, alarm systems, hybrid electric propulsion, load control, HVAC control, valve control, propulsion control, ballast control, ballast water treatment, and tank level measurement. By choosing one of our solutions for ship automation, you will reduce downtime and operating costs, and maximize productivity. Our products are compact and versatile, which makes them especially suitable for retrofitting.

Tailored for each customer

We take pride in delivering tailor-made solutions and do our utmost to configure our products to our customers’ needs. We at LEVEL Power & Automation believe that efficient service work, ease of maintenance, and high uptime must be given top priority when we develop products and systems. To assure our customers of the high reliability, we have chosen Siemens and Saia-Burgess Controls AG from Switzerland as our main supplier of programmable logic control, but on request, we can also use PLCs from other suppliers.

Ask us about our automation solutions

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