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High-Tech Low-Maintenance Automation Systems

Ease of Use, Ease of Maintenance, High Level of Uptime

LEVEL Power & Automation specializes in high-tech low-maintenance automation systems for maritime, offshore and industrial applications. We deliver complete solutions for mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems. Our products include power and energy management, engine control and monitoring, alarm systems, hybrid electric propulsion, systems cargo control, HVAC control, valve control, propulsion control, ballast control, ballast water treatment, and tank level gauging. Our process and automation solutions are designed to meet your individual needs, make your operation run smoother and more reliably, reduce downtime, cost of operation and maximize productivity. The compactness and versatility of our products make them particularly suitable for retrofit installation.

We pride ourselves in providing an unrivaled level of product tailoring and do our utmost to configure our products to suit your exact requirements. At LEVEL Power & Automation we believe that efficient servicing, ease of maintenance, and high level of uptime must be given top priority when developing products and systems. To ensure our customers the highest reliability, we have chosen Siemens and Saia-Burgess Controls AG of Switzerland as our main providers of programmable logic controllers. Upon request, we can also utilize PLC’s of other brands.

Our Automation Products

Automation Monitoring & Control Systems

Control & Monitoring Systems

Our Control & Monitoring System is designed for versatile use and can be configured for almost any imaginable monitoring and/or control task. All application specific software is designed by our programmers in-house, with user-friendliness and intuitive operation in mind. Our automation systems are delivered with touch screens as a standard user interface.

Automation - Safety & Alarm Systems

Safety & Alarm System

Our safety and monitoring systems are designed to limit the duration and severity of a possible incident in locations where requirements to an independent safety system exist. It is intended for use in areas where availability and robustness are extremely important, such as petroleum exploration, gas carriers, and gas fuel installations.

Automation - Power & Energy Management Systems

Power & Energy Management

Ensure good power quality, reduce your overall energy consumption. The Power Management System is a stand-alone system build up by modern PLCs and can be connected to peripherals workstation by data interface. The Power Management System can be adapted to all types of power plants, from conventional switchboards to diesel electrical propulsion plants.

Automation Marine Battery Hybrid System

Marine Hybrid Systems

Reduce emissions, fuel consumption and maintenance cost by installing hybrid battery systems on your vessels. Hybrid power systems offer a range of benefits over traditional diesel generators, and can be applied to a wide variety of ships and vessels.

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