Automation for industry

We at LEVEL Power & Automation are specialists in automation with a focus on ease of use and low maintenance. Our automation solutions are designed for use in the offshore, industrial and maritime industries.

Our automation solutions

Automation of processes in the industry opens up a number of opportunities for savings and increased productivity. Automation reduces the possibilities for human error, product waste, and energy consumption, while at the same time giving a better overview and control over the processes. We deliver automation solutions to small and large companies. Whether you need a large facility, or it is just one process that needs to be controlled, we can provide a solution that meets your needs.

Our solutions include control and monitoring systems for everything from single machines, to complex machines and process systems. All programming is performed indoors, which means that we can adapt the software for each individual customer and their needs.

Our control systems are designed for easy integration and flexibility, so they can be easily adapted to most applications. We offer comprehensive solutions for our customers, and help you from the design phase to finished installation and service.

In our solutions, we emphasize user-friendly and clear interfaces for our automation systems to make the operation of the plant as simple as possible, and to ensure good interaction between man and machine. By only presenting the information that is important at all times, one avoids overloading the operator. This simplifies decision-making processes, allows any errors to be detected at an early stage, and reduces the risk of downtime and downtime.

Innovative solutions for industry

Complete automation solutions

We deliver complete solutions for the automation of industrial processes. Our control and monitoring systems are suitable for mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems. Our process and automation systems are designed to meet our customers’ individual needs, to simplify the operation of the plant and make it more reliable. Our solutions reduce downtime, operating costs, and maximize productivity. Our products are compact and versatile, which makes them especially suitable for retrofitting.

Tailored for each customer

We take pride in delivering tailor-made solutions and do our utmost to configure our products to our customers’ needs. We at LEVEL Power & Automation believe that efficient servicing, ease of maintenance, and a high level of uptime must be given top priority when we develop ourproducts and systems. To assure our customers of the high reliability, we have chosen Siemens and Saia-Burgess Controls AG from Switzerland as our main supplier of programmable logic control, but upon request, we can use PLCs from other suppliers.

Some of our satisfied customers

We always do our utmost to meet our customers’ needs, and deliver according to their individual specifications. We therefore have a client list that consists of some of the world’s leading shipping companies and offshore companies.

Ask us about our automation solutions

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